Audio, Music and Samples

Some examples of music and video/presentaion soundtrack's I've made.
Also some samples/audio I've created.
Music, Audio, samples  and sound FX were created with various programs such as Acid Pro, Sonar,
Energy XT, Sound Forge, Goldwave, SynthMaker, various VSTs
and my own custom built VSTs/Synthesizers and Circuit Bent Instruments.
There are even a few audio wave shaping samples I made in MultiSim and LabVIEW
Audio from project presentation/demo soundtrack
Human Error (Stress My Circuits) 2001 HAL9000 sings, the ultimate circuit bent Funky computer!
Audio dialog edited, processed and mixed to have HAL say new phrases and rap...  Enjoy!
Cool Air Driving - Composition using loops plus manually placed drum/bass breaks, beats, hits and FX.
Updating... More audio examples to be added, check back soon. Thanks.