Photography, Photo Enhancement

Some lo-res examples of my digital art, photography and photo manipulation. Use of Photoshop, Illustrator,
Deep Paint, plug-ins and camera exposure techniques.  if you would like higher resolution photos of these example, please contact me.  Also see embedded slideshow below for more examples. (Updating this page... check back soon  for more content.)
Tugboat/Ferry - Pen and Ink work on photo of ferry at the Savannah Riverfront, Georgia
Lobster Fisherman - Oil paint effects (Deep Paint) - Lobster Boat Acadia National Park, Maine.
RGB Pac Man
- Exposure technique photo of fan with LEDs, saturation enhancement with Photoshop
Little Bouche
- Photo of baby Robin that we watched and documented growing up ON our porch.
Belle and Little Bouche
- Mom and baby Robin