Graphics and Stills

Still from "Newton's Cradle" animation/simulation

Textured sneaker from 3D scan
Model I textured from raw 3D scan - Used Mudbox for cleanup, creating lo-res 
mesh of hi-res 3D scanned data, creating displacement map from hi-res 3D scanned data, 
applying displacement map onto lo-res model to get the detail needed on lower res model. 
 Used Photoshop for touch-up.
This prototype project was for a well known sneaker manufacturer.
See below for original 3D scan mesh, mesh/texture tests in Mudbox, actual sneaker.

test screen shots
Screen shots from Mudbox of test textures and various mesh detail.

3D scan data - Perspecive
Original 3D scan data - Perspective view

3D scan data - Top
Original 3D scan data - Top view

Actual Sneaker
Actual sneaker