Animations and Simulations

Videos of various 3D animations and simulations I've created for labs, lessons, projects, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, presentations, etc.  Modeled and simulated in 3ds Max.  Also use of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere.
Realistic Simulation of Newton's Cradle I created for a physics/math professor's
class lesson/demonstration on Conservation of Energy and Momentum. 
I created this for a Lab/Exercise for a class I was teaching on the Math of Physics and Animation. Demonstrated making a ragdoll, ragdoll physics, water simulation, collisions, weight, bouyancy, light reflection and refraction, etc.  Note: the blue ball is on a path and not free falling.
I created this demo of spinning tops, effects of collisions and friction for class I was teaching on the
Math of Physics and Animation. Spinning fans are not affected by friction and do not slow down.
I created this for an example for demonstrating ragdoll physics and rigid body properties (Mass, Friction, Elasticity) in various physics of animation, level editing/game design and general animation classes I've taught. 
This is a lab I modified for a course I was teaching on broadcast graphics, FX and 3D.
I modified it to show the use of glass material in 3ds Max, use of reflection and refraction parameters and lighting placement.  This was also used for a as part of a longer informational presentation video of the programs I was in charge of, custom 3D/graphics/Game Design labs and display of student projects.